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Ahmed Rangel, also known as Bayza, is a Music Producer from La Chorrera, Panama . Born in June 1998 (21 years old) and uses FL Studio for his music production, he started making music in 2012 but didn't released any track until 2014.

He started in 2014 releasing some Big Room House music during many years. It was until 2017 when he changed his music style to Melbourne Bounce. Then, in 2018 he signed with the label Nelation Music known today as United Music releasing successful Melbourne Bounce tracks like Convergence, Aether, Majestic, and many others. In 2019 he changed his music style again to Deep House, he started firstly making remixes/bootlegs of famous Pop songs, then in September he self-released his first album called Genuine having some successful tracks like Romance, Genuine, Love; then, he signed with the label PalmTherapySounds and released Astral; and also signed with the label DeepShine Records and released Blossom; both in December. In 2020 he continued to focus on producing Deep House music mainly.

During his career he has been adopting genres such as Big Room, Trap, Dubstep, Melbourne Bounce, PsyTrance, Deep House; and adding some Oriental vibes in the most of his tracks.